Poem by Virginia R Macy

Be Careful
by Virginia R Macy

NM posted
Can you write a poem on me?
To which I replied:

I could write poetry on you
But it would be as fleeting as your next bath
My arthritis rendering my handwriting
Illegible to myself let alone to you

I would write passion on you
But the flames in me leave me drawn on
Over and onto your body pressing violently deeply
Into your skin rendering my intent poisoned

I tried writing hurtful poetry on you
But my lack of grace, empathy, and love
Raped your skin with my misplaced jealous words
Into your skin, my skin drinks your blood and soul

I have raped you, forced my poetry on you
I move to leave as my leaving rips off your skin
Swiftly as your screaming death sates my hunger
Without caring I write my poem on your face

“Be careful what you ask of strangers
You meet in such electric dark spaces
Welcome to Facebook’s poetry pages”

© Virginia R. Macy

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