5 Poems by Darrell Herbert

As I pray into the unknown
Depression is a disease
Not a choice
We love, we hate
We die far too late
Anxious, no anxiety
Smoking loud as my moves move silently
Insecurities hang with the birds in the trees
But, this is a reflection of me, me
But, this is a reflection of grief
Going through things no one sees, sees
Lord forgive
If something happened to me
God forbid
I’ll die alone with everything you said
Cigarette burns, cigarette chock
All of a sudden your water broke
You ask why, why do I continue to pretend?
That’s because it always seems to end

I Am Asking You A Question
The United States of America taxpayers send Israel around eleven million dollars a day, yes I said a day
We don’t want more wars, we want schools and hospitals
If the rich want war go pay for it, and even more importantly, go fight it
Don’t send young people to new wars just for profit, life is priceless…you fucking idiots
Let’s raise the issue of how inmates are able to become college educated while they are in prison
I was appalled that Leslie Vanhouten, one of the members of Charles Manson’s gang, had earned a Master’s degree in prison with taxpayers money
This is a woman who stabbed a person fourteen times and stuck a barbecue fork in a man’s stomach because it was “fun.” There are educators, veterans, and people who work for the state who are struggling to pay back loans or postponing further education because of the high cost
There should be some sort of incentives or programs for teachers and state employees, especially if cold blooded killers can earn Ivy League educations in jail
We have free education now in the way of compulsory education up to the secondary level
Our society cares little about our schools and the educational culture as a whole, I have mixed feelings
I didn’t realize he was part of the 0.01%
For God knows how long we are outsourcing jobs by the thousands because our education system is fucking trash compared to the rest of the world
It’s funny how we can’t provide free education in the United States of America
Land of the free, right?
And the home of the brave, right?
We took religion out of schools, but every jail cell in America comes with a bible
Be mindful of where the real lesson is taught
Right now we are paying taxes for building more prisons and fighting in wars and there is no problem
We have all of these prisons, good, you did good research, good
What, what, what, what, how do you know that?
I completely disagree, you’re pointing to Greece because it fits your argument
We have Finland, we have Brazil, we have numerous countries that offer free college education
Germany has free college education and free health care
The United States can not provide free education to its citizens, is that what you are telling me now?
I, I, I am asking you a question
Help me understand, help me understand
I don’t want to talk about Germany, we’re talking about the United States, who are about to spend a trillion dollars on nuclear weapons
You’re refusing to answer my question, you’re refusing to answer my question
That is the reality, is that what you are telling me?
Do you not agree Neil?
There is money, there is money
When you say raising taxes you want your viewers who are crunched financially to feel like taxes are going to be raised on them
When I say raising takes I’m talking about the Walton’s, I’m talking about the Cox’s
I’m talking about the 0.1%, the roster

Are You Insane Like Me?
By the way
Only ten percent of heroin users become addicts
The people who become that way almost always have preexisting issues
It’s not cool to glamorize opiates

The Perfectionist
The perfectionist is imperfect
She looked in the mirror yesterday,
Hatred! Mirror breakage.
Silent being—
A screamer in silence
Outside her bedroom.
During the morning phase
Her insecurities are awakened –
She dies inside.

You Are At An Disadvantage  
It’s sad how we don’t push harder for positive change in this country
We probably love pain like if it was candy, a sweet he’ll that troubles us all
So many people in our community are dealing with so much trouble like not being able to go to school to progress
Not being able to have a better standard of life due to political greed, and many of us ignore the signs very melancholically
We ignore a homeless person on a train
We are the people who have the biggest count in this country, yet we are nothing but walking corpses, or like the object in grammar, those who receive the actions by the subject
Elites of this country, we are the reason why they are even at the social statuses that they are, yet we do not realize the power we have in our hands to break away from such a corrupted system
In today’s society, social networks have been the case for us not testing all our limits for relevant issues, yet we do not limit ourselves for cyberbullying
Will we realize that past revolution gradually as we move into a modern world like ours today, were actually effective?
I am extremely disappointed to say that we are disjointed and unmotivated for things that really matter; we are just putting enough effort here and consequences always rise from decisions like this ones
Is America going to help us ever?
We need to make sure that he doesn’t get into the White house, that’s the other solution
Picking cotton in the fucking corn fields

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