Interview with Janine Linehan

Hi Adam thanks for the interview questions Here is my reply!

Q: When did you start writing?
A: I started writing when I was around 15 it was a hobby that only I knew about, I was ashamed of writing back then because I was quite naughty at school and instead of finding a way to deal with me I was told I was dyslexic  instead! So back then I had very little belief in myself or my writing!
so I was a closet writer for years! Instead of just listening in school I thought I could rule it instead and due to this my grammar has suffered! I didn’t believe in my gift until years later!

Q: Who inspires me as a writer?

A: I am so terrible I don’t actually read a lot at all I couldn’t tell you of any books that I have read apart from Diane Coopers the spiritual laws, This is my bible as I am a spiritualist. This book is my guidance in life I have found that in me I hold the key to the universe and if I would like anything in life my thoughts and perseverance will manifest my dreams into reality! This book changed my life!
But I am not a Noval reader I just write really! I think if I read to much then my own work will be just versions and immitations of other writers!  so I just rely on my own thoughts and feelings to be what ends up on the paper!

Q: What time of the day do I do most of my writing?

AI am a night owl! And most of my writing happens when the world is quiet when I can hear myself think, I find that the witching hours 1-4am is when I produce my best work sometimes I believe that I am merely a messenger and the thoughts have been sent to me To Inform and help others!
I shake with shock and adrenaline when I write something really good in disbelief that I actually wrote it! But I truly believe the best work is produced when the world is quiet! I also get thoughts one liners quotes just pop in my head all day quotes are so easy To write so my true skills are hidden in my songs and poetry!

Q: Why do I write?

To me it’s been a saviour it is therapy, a way of getting out my feeling without bothering anyone or back when I was younger fighting everyone! Then i started realising I had a little talent for ryhming and telling stories so I started pushing myself researching certain subjects just to write about! I was loving the adrenaline self love and self belief that grew with my writing!  Writing is my saviour!
A: Do you have any favourite quotes from any other writer,
I have many favourite quotes some wrote by others some wrote by myself, I don’t know many off by heart only my own! Not to be taken in an arrogant way meaning in my head my own words fill it up with my own thoughts. Which become quotes daily! My head is always busy with words so I try to make them my own,
 I like the quote … some people come in your life as a lesson and some as a blessing! I’m not sure who wrote it!
Q: What’s the advice you would give new inspiring writers?
A: I would definitely say to write from your heart and to listen to your inner thoughts, try not to copy or imitate anyone else, read less of others and write more from within as there is to many that write the same due to already reading that knowledge written by someone else, be your own inspiration then write to inspire others!
Be humble always and write your own unique story!

Hi my name is Janine Linehan
I am 37 years old and have been writing 22 years, I started off a poet for many years but later realised that my poems could easily be transformed into songs and rap lyrics, overtime I started to push my ability more and more I started writing about words from the dictionary, I started trying to write nursery rhymes and one liners and quotes’ now I also write wedding vow’s and Funeral tributes, Also songs
I have been published many times in books newspapers magazines and at 22 I had a short part in a collection of a book with 10 other poets!
And have 4 songs produced for different artists!
I have saved all my recent work and have enough work to make at least another 5 books! Which I am currently constructing.
My album is half way finished and have a quote page on instagram @j.linehan_ which is growing rapidly daily!
All that’s left is to find a decent illustrator and my trilogy of nursery rhyme books can also come to life, which the objection of the rhymes will be about how to love and accept yourself no matter what colour size or race we are,
2 more singles will be out this week which I have co written with my talented niece who is a singer song writer!
But the objection to all my writing talents is to inspire and encourage everyone to make the most of their lives and not to waste a minute as a breathing is our biggest blessings!
Thank you for taking and interest in my talent and hope to hear any feedback

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