Take my advice…I’m not using it

My soul mate                                                                                               May 17th, 2018

By J.M. Strasbourg

Ok, this isn’t the usual “piece of my mind” advice post. I just wanted to share something personal and inspirational to me. I hope you like it…

I was watching the movie, Good Will Hunting. In one scene, Robin Williams’ character, Sean, asks Matt Damon’s character, Will, if he feels alone. And then Sean asks Will if he has a soul mate. Because of the context of the question, I began to think about the meaning of the term. What does it really mean? I think that most people feel like they have found their soul mate when they find the love of their lives. Others may think it means that they have encountered their destiny; the person that the universe has deemed to be their partner. Dictionary.com lists the term soul mate as “Noun, 1. A person with whom one has an affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond.” I suppose the definition is true, but I believe there is more. After all, what is our soul but our very being, our essence?

Can we place extrinsic or intrinsic values on our souls? I have an affinity with many people, as well as shared values and tastes. Romantic bonds come and go, and fade as people grow. I don’t believe that you can describe a soul mate in such simple terms. Since my soul is my essence and your soul is your essence; to have our souls meet and mate, there must be a more profound connection between them. There must also be a more profound meaning in the term.

When the universe connected us, there was an instant recognition of attraction. Not just to her beauty, but to her being. It’s hard to explain in mere words how strong it was. As time went on, we came to feel that attraction grow into a bond of spirit and essence. Her soul merged with mine and mine with hers. In eight years apart, our connection couldn’t be broken because of that bond. I believe our love sprang from sharing a soul, and that once a soul is combined with another, love follows with ease. I have a wonderful feeling of oneness with her, my soul mate. My affinity with her, our shared values, tastes and romantic bonds are only the human manifestations of something much harder to explain, and much deeper in meaning. I thank her for taking my soul to hers and for giving hers to me. To be alone in the universe must be what hell is; and this, this is heaven. I am blessed to be here with her, not alone, two souls one.

As the sun begins to set on my life

I recall its arc across the sky

And how it looked down on my part in the play.

The light cast me a shadow so I wouldn’t be alone

An image, mirroring my every movement.

And then, one sunny day in spring,

While the sun was directly overhead,

You rose to forever take my shadow’s place.

My role was changed from that day on

Now we walk together and cast but one shadow

And I watch the sun set on my life with you.

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