5 Poems by Ethan Goffman

Out of Touch in Trump’s America


My friends and I

clinging to part-time and temporary jobs

are so hopeless

that we don’t even grope and harass women.

What a bunch of losers we are!


© Ethan Goffman


Seeing Melania Trump on TV the other day, I realized with a gasp that she’s beautiful.  I’d never really noticed.

It’s as if Princess Leia had married Jabba the Hut.


© Ethan Goffman


A Thanksgiving Prayer


We give thanks, O Lord

for the land we stole

from its rightful inhabitants


allowing us to dine

on this righteous feast

of indigestion.


© Ethan Goffman



Proverb on Turtle’s Back

We did not borrow this world from our children,

We stole it from the Native American ancestors.


© Ethan Goffman


A Strange Dream


I had a dream,

or read in a science fiction book

or saw a movie


In which a black man

with a Muslim name

was President

of the United States


But that couldn’t have actually happened, could it?


© Ethan Goffman


Ethan Goffman has published only one poem, in Mad Swirl.  However, he has ample publications as a staff writer for Mobility Lab and the SSPP Blog, and as a freelance writer for The Progressive, Buzzflash, the Baltimore Sun, Grist, EarthTalk,and other publications.  He also has one book, Imagining Each Other: Blacks and Jews in Contemporary American Literature (SUNY Press, 2000).

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