Seven Short Poems by Margarita Serafimova


My eyes goldened.

You are mirrored in the surface

of my internal organs.


©Margarita Serafimova

It was night, and in a circle of light, I was nothing

except desire for you –

desire between my legs, desire between my arms, desire between my eyes.

Nothing else was there in the night.

It hurt as sunrise, it was as clear as dark.

It was our absolute, transient fate.


©Margarita Serafimova



My shoulder is muscular, bones like ones of a hero

bathing at Thermopylae.

The water is smoking,

ruin is fading away before my femininity.


©Margarita Serafimova



Night fell in the port.

The ships were breathing not far from one another.

It was the great place of their coming together,

the great place of their going apart.


©Margarita Serafimova



I see you in the lucent hills,

in the motley goats on the road.

You are love, you I see.


©Margarita Serafimova



In the beginning of the day, the Lord chose a colour for the sea,

and flew.

A seagull.


©Margarita Serafimova



The high seas were sending golden waves,

and they were overturning their destiny

before my very eyes.


©Margarita Serafimova


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