Two Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar

Feigning Ignorance

Everyone likes to talk

about learning important lessons

from life’s hardships


but what we usually

keep a secret

are all the memories

that must stay hidden


because their weight

remains too much to bear


We try to live in ignorance

as a way to save our innocence

from the pain that never fades


©Scott Thomas Outlar




Cemetery Shakedown Hustle

We all take

our kicks to the ribs

like fists to the teeth


it’s nothing to get

too broken up about


unless you need to chatter

with the skeletons


that shatter

when their graves shake


loosen up smug lips

so the lies taste a bit sweeter


a little bit of poison

laced in lemon candy

helps the medicine burn deeper


all this writing on the walls

looks like scribbles marked by demons


haunt your eyes and bless your soul

it’s the promise of a tortured season


We all treat

our empty pocket blues

like aces up the sleeve


© Scott Thomas Outlar




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