Three Poems by Tracee A. Clapper

Twitter D, Twitter Dumb

orange man with small hands
fills heads empty as air
with hourly birdsong.

© Tracee A. Clapper



Patriarchal Issues

Filled with rage
but smiling wide
I want to scream
but keep it inside.

Alone in my room,
I let the dam burst
rock my screaming body,
moan and groan
’til I have no breath left.

The world is twisting
in on itself –
an orange man
in a white house
rules my country,

an old man
who used to beat me,
mock me
and laugh to see
my red-faced teardrops
rules my schedule,

a young man
I birthed into life
is moving to college.

© Tracee A. Clapper



In Defense of Love Poems

Darkness sings a cloaked melody,
churched southern smiles speak
in rhythm.

Clouds block full moon,
eyes search skies for holes
in black blankets of stilled air.

Outside, humid lungs
drown in smog of hostility–
death comes to visit.

Steepled building invites
a hungry, stalking body
in to pray or prey.

Pale man joins several
shades of brown skinned

Embalmed in venom,
shivering boy on a hot afternoon
wraps fingers around a trigger, pulls.

Bullets explode out
over wooden church pews
fatally pierce nine marks.

Dab blood with handkerchiefs
of poetry, write compassion to ink out hate,
sing broken minds together.

© Tracee A. Clapper

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