One Poem by Andy Conner


What’s my least favourite word?

The word I’d most like 

To expunge from English?



Isn’t exclusively a word

It’s an exercise in ideas

To which I take


I’ll explain

Exclusive expresses

The ‘right’ look 

The ‘right’ age

The ‘right’ values

The ‘right’ colour

And, exceeding all,

The ‘right’ bank balance

And those 

Who aren’t right

Are left


Or, if you prefer,

Excess baggage

Explain, if you can,

Exactly what you mean

Exactly where you stand

If your expressions of cool



The warming glow

Of extended exiled hands

This exasperated man 

Fails to understand

Please inspect 

The expectations

You exhibit

Please delete

The exclusive expletive

From the world

You inhabit

And if I’m


Too much

Please exclude yourself

From my sight

© Andy Conner

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