Week #1

click on the poet’s name to read their poetry 


L.B. Sedlacek

Kristie L. Williams

Scott Ferry

Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Suzanne Turner

Nate Maxson

Christopher Troy Brame

jck hnry

Onyedikachi Chinedu

Jason O’Toole

Andrew Sano

Julie Weiss

Woody Woodger

Anita Haas

Roy Liran

Dare Tunmise

Tim Heerdink

Mike Zone

Joan Barasovska

Rae Armantrout

M. J. Arcangelini

James Croal Jackson

Shitta Faruq Adémólá

Lukpata Lomba Joseph

Patricia Carragon

Mike James

Betsy Mars

Juliet Cook

Juliet Cook & j/j Hastain

James Borders


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