Jason O’Toole

Jason O’Toole
is a Rhylsing Award nominated poet, musician, and elder advocate. He is the author of two poetry collections published by the Red Salon, Spear of Stars (2018) and Soulless Heavens (2019). Recent work has appeared in anthologies, and journals including Avatar Review, The Scrib Arts Journal, Alien Buddha PressThe Wild Word, and Beliveau Review. He is a member of the North Andover, MA Poet Laureate Committee. 


American League East

The Sox are dirty cheats,
said mom, reading a text
over my shoulder.
She’s a bit young for you.

She’s a grad student at BC,
not a ballplayer.

Dirty cheats, boy.
Another son lost to the enemy.
Didn’t complain (so badly)
when I moved to a National League town.

Once she met her though,
like herself, book-smart & pretty
Better not mess this one up, boy.
I’ll put five across your eyes.

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