Latif Askia Ba


Latif Askia Ba
is a poet from Brooklyn & Staten Island, NY. He graduated from Edinboro University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. At Edinboro, he discovered his passion for writing and published his first book of poetry, “Wet Monasteries.” He hopes to continue this rewarding work. 




     A black’s man pride
     is to live a good life—
     is the first thing he sees.

     —Horace Andy & Niney The Observer

Maybe if I study hard enough,
maybe if I do it doggedly,

Du Bois will come to me,
sit me on his wooden bench,

and teach me “pro Archia Poeta,”
or Baldwin, in the silent night,

will come with a psalm, or Malcom
with a sura, or Hurston with a creole tale.

Maybe Diop will dust off his Egyptian artifacts.
Maybe Kuti will blow his ancient horn

for all the black dead marching
the silent march

through bounded leaves
and dusty tape.



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