Jackie Chou

Jackie Chou
is a poet of free verses and short form poetry residing in sunny Southern California.  Her work has been published in Lummox, Altadena Literary Review, poeticdiversity, Dreamwell One Hundred Memories Anthology, Poetry Superhighway, and others.  



the sum of things slowly dissolves
as I, in sunshades, sit on a shore
not functioning up to par
I have lost the spark
the ocean waves crash against
my outstretched feet
touching my toes
I feel myself sink into the golden sand
until I am no longer visible
the words would not come
for me to shout to be rescued
the seashells are broken like my faith
the sharks have eaten my dignity
still they say not to look back
or criticize myself
the sea spits back the dreams
only in chewed up pieces
too shattered to make up a whole again
I put them in a treasure box and close it
not knowing the meaning of anything
this silence surrounding me
this blue of the air

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