Rahma O. Jimoh


Rahma O. Jimoh
is a poet and essayist. An ardent lover of nature and tourism. She has been published in Sub Saharan, SpringNg, Serotonin and other literary journals. She is poetry editor for The Quills and Contributor at Best Of Africa. She hope her works leave footprints on the sand of time. She blogs @dynamicrahma.wordpress.com 
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I am a refugee/on my feet like a nomad 
Panting through valleys/
my shadows are running, running after me
They do not miss a step through the turns,/
they sing of shameful sins/ of an ugly past. 
I am running, running from my shadows/
& they are running, running after me
I am a cauliflower of withered wrongs/ 
how do I dust these wrongs off my wrist?
I want to bury them in wrinkles & old age/ 
but they do not wither away.
My shadows are running, running still/ It’s night, dark
It’s a new year, luminous future &
My sins are now relics of the past/
I am running, running still/
from my shadows, the tasteless fruits of sins.
My wrinkles are vivid & ripened now/ 
A century has grown over my age
And my bones are weak and frail/ 
I am running, running from my sins
Forgetting a man can’t run forever.

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