Anna Maria Mickiewicz


Anna Maria Mickiewicz
( is a Polish-born poet, writer and editor who writes both in Polish and in English. Anna moved to California, and then to London, where she has lived for many years. She edits the annual literary magazine The Literary Memoir, London, and Contemporary Writers of Poland (USA). She is a member of English Pen. Her first collection of verse was published in 1985. Since then, publications include short stories and essays Okruchy z Okrągłego Stołu (Breadcrumbs from the Round Table) in 2000, Londyńskie bagaże literackie in 2019, and verse collections Proscenium in 2010, London Manuscript, published by Poetry Space, Bristol, in 2014 and The Mystery of Time, published by Flutter Press, USA 2019. With Danuta Błaszak she has published an anthology Flying Between Words Contemporary Writers of Poland (Florida: 2015).



He seeks refuge in the wilderness of the night,

In the darkness,


The wisdom of the curled up, wise man,

As a tree’s wound opened by a lightning,

As bent arches of the steel gates.

It no longer inspires

Locked in a cage of dreams

He does not try any more

To wrestle with the Northern wind

Yet the apple shines

with the perfection of the broken world


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