Jason O’Toole


Jason O’Toole
is a Rhylsing Award nominated poet, musician, and elder advocate. He is the author of two poetry collections published by the Red Salon, Spear of Stars (2018) and Soulless Heavens (2019). Recent work has appeared in anthologies, and journals including Neologism Poetry Journal, The Scrib Arts Journal, The Wild Word, and Vita Brevis. He is a member of the North Andover, MA Poet Laureate Committee.


Rock Eagle

Climb right-angled tower.
Pounding heart,
behind hurricane fence,
legendary Rock Eagle.

Though I see,
in its stony outline,
humble turkey vulture.

As if to validate
my interpretation,
one teeters aloft,
slowly into view.
inkwell dipped
finger-tipped wings

Mound built
it is said
while Christ walked the Earth.
This is wrong.


Old though, holds secrets.
Quartzite hauled from afar.
Ripping-flesh beak, is said
to point towards sunrise.

It doesn’t.

Nor does it indicate
treasure hoard.
It’s existence,
treasure enough
for this visitor.

Thank you,
Woodland Indians,
vanished citizenry
stacked taller than yourselves,
these many stones.

Thank you,
fabled CCC
for granite tower
from which to survey
this ancient marvel.

Thank you,
winged psychopomps.
It’s you in effigy.


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