Patricia Carragon


Patricia Carragon’s
fiction piece “What Has to Happen Next” has been nominated for Sundress Publications Annual Best of the Net Anthology. Her poem Paris the Beautiful won Poem of the Week from great weather for MEDIA. Her latest book from Poets Wear Prada is Meowku. Her debut novel, Angel Fire, is forthcoming from Alien Buddha Press this October. Patricia hosts Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


The Intellectually Gifted Dog

The intellectually gifted dog deemed that he could use his mind to change his world. He read scientific journals, found quantum physics fascinating. He wasn’t into canine girls, fast cars, fancy sneakers, loud music, or whatever was “hip du jour” for young dogs. He preferred the company of inner sanctum. Young dogs thought he had an attitude, and he, the outcast peg, became a target for bullying. Being outnumbered, he could never fight back. However, he entered an altered state, saw himself on the sidewalk next to his glasses. Believing that he could change this event, he attempted to pick up the glasses. His altered state dissipated into the present. The glasses on his face merged with the ones on the sidewalk. He lifted his bewildered self, put on his broken glasses, and disappeared down a darker, cerebral avenue.

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