Shitta Faruq Adémólá

Shitta Faruq Adémólá

is a Nigerian Poet and Writer eating Rice and drinking water from the corner of his room in Nigeria. He has works or forthcoming in Libretto Magazine, Parousia (Christian) Magazine, Ngiga Review, Nanty Greens, Eboquills, The Trouvaille Journal, Jalada Africa A Country of Broken Boys: Boys Are not stones Anthology and elsewhere. When he is not writing, he’s either strolling around the streets looking for fair ladies to admire or listening to Simi’s sweet voice.

How to find a home…

you count your steps – the sand does not know how to be cruel.
you bury your head in the beak of a bird
& tell it to sing.
you vanquish fire & smoked tyres & a boy’s mucus circling his nose
& a girl’s leg in the middle tasting of the sun.
& here, in this poem,
the home you want to find is a space between the teeth of
torn maps.

To The Man Who Called Mother ‘Whore’

sorry, man. it wasn’t my fault. Ours.

it was the runny water that caused the pollution,

and this spring in my eyes is not enough

to quench the thirst

that creeps in me.

don’t worry, but I tell you,

she’s not a whore, but a worn jacket on the backs of fat men,

a spider building its web for honey

and yellow. yes, a pale-yellow butterfly singing in a faint voice

for the wind to tell the world all it has.

yes. I will tell the world what it has:

my father says if I come to his grave, and pin him tongues

of prayer. he might

come over to draw your beards and tell you to shout louder.

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