Dustin Brookshire


Dustin Brookshire
is a Dolly Parton fanatic, curator of the Wild & Precious Life Series, and editor of Limp Wrist.  Dustin is the author of the chapbook To The One Who Raped Me (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2012). Visit Dustin online at www.dustinbrookshire.com


Salome Barbie Speaks With A Mattel Historian 

I understand 
Ken the Baptist
holding a grudge,
but after all these years,
the gifts of super glue,
I only see Ken the Martyr. 

My legendary dance
wasn’t that legendary. 
I don’t have joints! 
March of the seven veils
is more like it,
but that doesn’t sell
femme fatale.

I don’t remember
what Ken said
to anger mother.
If I’m being honest,
he’s always been cute—
for a religious Ken.

Tell me,
who hasn’t regretted
a decision made solely 
to please their mother?

Colonoscopy Barbie 

“Will children develop a fixation
if an anus is her only orifice?”
asked a Mattel strategist. 
“The list of what’ll end
up her ass is endless,”
said a senior strategist.

Colonoscopy Barbie
existed only as a discussion.

A secret kept until this poem. 



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