Edwin Olu Bestman

Edwin Olu Bestman
alias “Magical Poet” is a young writer from Liberia. He is a multi-award winning poet, philanthropist and a civil engineer. Edwin holds an associate degree in civil engineering from the Stella Maris Polytechnic University and currently a Bsc candidate at the institution. He has co-authored several anthologies and the author of two books; Genesis and Raindrops. Edwin works have been featured in international magazines, Anthologies and other written papers. Some of which include: The Writer’s Space African Magazine( Feb 1, 2019 edition), Motivational strips Anthology(Spark of hope, Volume I and II), Songs of peace – the world’s biggest anthology(League of poets), Namaste Ink (An author’s manifesto), (Poetry City Anthology( Circle of wisdom), Ducor review, Spillwords, Odd Magazine, Eboquills, Literary Yard, Libpedia, PoetrySoup, Poetry Nation, Writer’s Cafe, Sipay Magazine (Seychelles, June 21 edition), Bharath Vision, Ngiga Review, Nantygreens and a lot more.

Dear Girl Child

many secrets are hidden in the hearts of a broken pavement/
some are matter, just possessing weight & occupying space/
others flow like fluids from lower to a higher concentration/
so, society has made you to think that your body is bankrupt/
that your voice is a weak vessel/
& your mind is a home filled with unwanted memories

some say the “Kitchen” should be your school & the cooking utensils your classmates/
some say you’re like leaves that fall during autumn/
while others say you’re like a lone soldier trapped by the wings of fear/
Now you plant your sorrows under the pillows of your tongue & “Silence” becomes your usual vocabulary/
your body wrapped itself with the blanket of tear drops/
& your face masked itself like a masquerade

dear girl child/
often times your skin tastes the beauty of pains & destruction/
often times you’re raped of your conscience/
you’re vulnerable, left alone, dead & abandoned/
other times your skin tastes the luxury of life/
it’s either you forget everything & run or you face everything & rise

every girl child is like diamonds/
your smile is a precious bank/
a bank where resources are unlimited & failures are swallowed/
fear not the rising tides of the ocean/
fear not those broken choruses your stomach repeat/
fear not the struggles that melt your fingers/
neither those things that break you/
cause you come from a lineage of wild wolves

dear girl child/
can’t you open your eyes to view the beauty of your skin/
can’t you open your eyes to view those beautiful stretched marks/
can’t you open your eyes/
i mean those active sockets God placed on your face/
can’t you just open your eyes

dear girl child/
before i end this poem with a full stop/
i never want to see you stop/
to stop dreaming about becoming doctors & nurses/
engineers, scientists, teachers & a lot more/
& i want your dreams to scare you like horror movies

dear girl child/
Before i end this poem with a full stop/
tell the guy next to you that your body is not a drum/
tell him that his hands are not drum sticks/
tell him that your body is not a commodity/
tell him that your vagina is not an employment tool
but your body is sacred scripture

dear girl child/
you deserve better like little birds in the nest/
you deserve better like a day old baby/
you deserve better like everyone deserves better/
i mean you deserve to be loved and cared for

Boys Are Not Stones

a boy’s face is a placard/
a placard soaked in wounds/
broken like a lone soldier on a battlefield

a boy’s mind is a home/
a home filled with several injuries/
many tears finding passage way out of his body

a boy’s head is a school/
a school whose skin is sinking/
sinking from underlying thoughts & disturbed feelings

a boy’s heart is poetry/
couple of hidden poems sleep over/
his mouth afraid to spill these emotions out

a boy’s body is a mortuary/
a silent storm/
pieces of his broken mind wrapped like envelopes

a boy’s thought is dead/
society marks a bad image/
a lone warrior fighting with dead hopes

a boy is a studio/
a studio where elegies are read countlessly/
where love doesn’t come visiting

where does a boy’s tear go/
where does his feeling go/
where does his cry go/

dear society/
boys are like broken relationship stories/
their lives are synonyms of pains

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