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Advertise with my Blog

Advertise with my Blog

Hello, everyone!

We here at Madness Muse Press just wanted to tell you about our (And possibly your) potential blogging opportunity. Basically, it takes time and dedication to run a small press. And like everyone, we do not have those in abundance. So we’re now partnering with the paid blogging website, ” Link From Blog” By Human Kind.

You will not notice a difference in our awesome social justice blog. You will just see several posts per month regarding poetry/literature related things.

We do this to ensure that we can continue our work.

We hope you continue to read Madness Muse Press, because we love reading all of your work and publishing the best in today’s poetry.

With love and respect,

Adam Levon Brown
Founder/Owner/Editor-in-Chief –

Madness Muse Press

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