Hawwaa Wintope

Hawwaa Wintope
is an African google eyed poet from Nigerian Western Africa.
She writes poetry to create relatable emotions for lovers of the art.
Hawwaa hopes to write about death someday while she sits on a giant icecap in Alaska.


Diaspora is today’s new word.
Lips widening, parting and closing
Over and again –
The word is attractive.

Today, home is a couple of burning streets.
Home houses new corpses of young men.
They were guilty of having guns.
Even headlines are crazier than yesterday.

I had read that a new kind of nectar was discovered.
Fallen in love with stale newspapers:
I kept a pile beneath my bed.

Tonight, sleep steals my eyes, leads me
To see people in the diaspora
We always feared,
Relics from the time we savoured
Now long forgotten.

Statues, those of men we mold,
We have few of them at home.
The men bold enough to shake the streets,
Light up car tyres, leave people in tears.

Men are those who store courage
To use later, to impact figures
To lead them:

23 officers feared dead,
Mob burns more homes.

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