Shitta Faruq Adémólá & Adebayo Oluwatomisin

Shitta Faruq Adémólá
is a Nigerian Poet,  Writer, Graphics Artiste, Bag Maker and a budding French Linguist  with poems and stories appearing or forthcoming in Libretto Magazine, Kalahari Review, Madness Muse Press, Icefloe Press, The Trouvaille Journal, Parousia (Christian) Magazine, African Writer, Jalada Africa, ARTmosterrificEboquillsNanty Greens, Mad Swirl, Ngiga Review, Communicators League, A Country Of Broken boys; Boys Are Not Stones Antthologyand elsewhere. When he’s not writing, he’s either daydreaming about fair ladies or playing Scrabbles. Say hi on Twitter @shittafaruqademola.

Adebayo Oluwatimisin
is a young writing enthusiast studying Criminology and Security Studies in Chrisland University. She is a lover of discipline and music, and when you don’t see her reading books on Security tips, listening to Simi, or collecting people for counselling, she is writing something down on paper she does not want to show the world.

Finding a Key to the Door of Redemption 

blood lies on the street of my lips.
I am fuming it with the redness it carries.
one day, in my fatherland, my voice is my enemy,
tattered like the heart of a boy cast into
the cold of the night.
as days rolled by like a clock, my voice becomes faint,
my lips powerless and my words turns into an embryo.
the burns that choke me do not have a name – an ellipsis.
spaces between words & after I tried to
define the darkness around my journey,
I found my name a lost vintage, too.
I lost not only my voice, but my dignity and my home in the hands of rebellious recalcitrances.
like a child’s play, I became an alien in my own abode – grief’s revised name.
I topple with the grief that gives me a
birth mark of thorns & running
is, after the blood coloured in my eyes,
the best way
to call it a day. 

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