Winifred kijie Odu

Winifred kijie Odu
is a Nigerian,  she is a writer,  an activist and a humanitarian.  She looks forward to a time when many will be free from hurt and pain, her prayer is that all who reads her works may find healing for their past. He works have appeared previously at Poemify, Eboquills and forthcoming. She writes from Benin city. She can no longer watch her people die in silence and seeks to add her voice with many others that the brutality may come to an end. 



We speak, we speak, we speak,
For our voices can no longer rot in silence
We’ve come out in our numbers
We come we come to regain our lost pride

We’ve been stricken a million times
We cried in silence
Thousand times we’ve been injured
We bore unbearable pain
But we’ve come in thousands and millions
As one united nation ‘NIGERIA’
We’ve come with our voices
Louder like a trumpet’s call
And all we say is “EndSARS

They steal from us and tag us thieves
They rob us and place their guilt on our innocence
In their eyes we are scoundrels
Punched, kicked, and often left in cold blood
We are left to die like smugglers; without dignity
We’ve seen more than enough so
We’ve gathered roaring like wounded lions
And all we say is EndSARS EndPoIiceBrutality

They rob hands with decadence
And strip us off our innocence
But they are our supposed defenders
They hold guns for to protect our community
But end up destroying our tranquility
They are our supposed peace-keepers
We have seen enough, more than enough
We do not ask, we are not begging
We are saying EndSARS EndSARS EndSARS



We can no longer sit in silence
And watch our beloved country desecrated
We can no longer fold our hands
And watch our nation folded like paper

We want a new Nigeria
A Nigeria of peace and harmony
A Nigeria that gives heed to her people
A Nigeria of no corruption
A Nigeria where our rights are restored and preserved

They’ve turned our public offices
To their household businesses
With their grandchildren and great grandchildren
As ministers and senators

They’ve toiled with our land
And violated our rights
They’ve sold our freedom
And placed us as their car engines

So we come with one voice
We come like mighty warriors
Not like beggars but like land owners we are
We come that our stolen dignity be restored
That the tears we’ve shed may be the root of our renovation
That the pain we’ve endured may be the source of our transformation
That the misery to which we’ve been fed
Becomes the spring that flows with a “NEW NIGERIA”

We want the nation our forefathers fought for
A Nigeria of no brutality
We want a nation whose pride is her people

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