Tim Heerdink

Tim Heerdink
is the author of three poetry collections, The Human RemainsRed Flag and Other PoemsRazed Monuments, and the novel, Last Lights of a Dying Sun. Heerdink is president of the Midwest Writers Guild. His short stories, The Tithing of Man and HEA-VEN2, won first and second place in the guild’s annual anthology contests. He also has poems published in Poetry QuarterlyFish HookFlying IslandKissing DynamiteAuroras & BlossomsTanka JournalLandslide LitAs It Ought To Be MagazineRogue WolfAlien BuddhaMadness Muse, and various anthologies. He graduated from USI with a BA in English and resides in Newburgh, Indiana with his wife, daughter, dog, and two cats.


     for Audrey Marie Louise Heerdink

We’re entering the third month of quarantine
in this pandemic where face masks & gloves
have become normal attire for the public.

Mom is dying;
it has absolutely nothing
to do with the coronavirus.

Visitors are limited
& I’m throwing out
my back because
her strength is depleted.

Little daughter of mine,
please stay little
& innocent
with your wonder.

Don’t grow weary
like I have
when times grow

I hope you care
for me like I do
your mammaw.

I hope I don’t
leave so soon.

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