Patty Tomsky

Patty Tomsky:
“I’ve been published in many journals (Allegheny Poetry Village; Paterson Review; Kota Press: Lilliput Review; US 1 Worksheets) and placed twice in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize. My poetry circus, Rock n Roll Hootchy Koo, a multimedia narrative and music event won a Pikes Peak Arts Council grant for ArtPop 2019.


Pandemic brain

The old paneled walls of Aunt Sensodyne’s lake house a shack really
Boards like old crone’s teeth in a fence with no power. The rooms
You walked through as a child holding your breath. This house is now that.

The air a different flavor spent in the body too long, no breaks, the run
Flap of canvas shoe; dance of sunlight leaves; your mind floats up and leaves;
The new gardener you are still kills things all day. Bent seedlings twisted dry.

Soils without quotidian flesh—reading late into the night.
You can feel the tomato plants wilting on the deck. Dream sense stalking.
Your anodyne heart your fetching mind your last gasp of meaning.

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